Aerial Platforms


The requirements of industrial electric vehicles share a number of common attributes. Among them are reliable components, environmental robustness and high operational efficiency. InMotion brings its extensive experience in the electric forklift and turf markets to the world of Aerial work platforms. Your expectations for performance will be readily met with InMotion motors and controllers, while also providing a fast to market solution for your system.

In addition to all-electric low and high voltage systems, InMotion brings strength in Hybrid systems. With a complete line of standard SAE5 mount generators, InMotion is positioned to help you bring your hybrid vehicle to market.

Low voltage Generator/Motor

The GSM is a family of permanent magnet synchronous AC Generators with continuous power levels from 14 kW to 24 kW and peak power from 32 kW to 57 kW. These air-cooled SAE5 mount generators provide the generated power you need in your vehicle also supporting cold cranking, start-stop  and power boost requirements. Single or dual bearing design options allow maximum flexibility to match your mechanical requirements.

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