Buses and Trucks

With a continuing push for reduction in fuel consumption, and a need to improve air quality in our cities, hybridization and electrification cannot be ignored. Transportation of both people and cargo within cities is pushed to minimize the environmental impact; using highly efficient electric drivetrains and auxiliary systems is making significant impact already today.

Hybrid and electric experience

Inmotion has been working with electrification of vehicles since the 1990’s, designing our first hybrid system for buses in 1994. Since 2009 Inmotion has been one of the main suppliers of components for commercial hybrid vehicles in the world. With the experience gained over more than 20 years of electrifying vehicles, Inmotion provides more than just hardware to our customers.

Our in-depth understanding of vehicle hybridization and electrification has proven to be a success factor for many of our customers.

Sub-system electrification

Electrification of vehicles is not limited to changing the main traction system to be fully or partly driven by electric machines. Electrifying Auxiliary-systems is an easy way to gain some of the benefits without having to invest in a full hybrid or electric solution. Inmotion, together with its sister companies within the Zapi-Group, is in a unique position to become your partner in Auxiliary-Systems electrification thanks to our heritage and presence in high volume markets.

A global high-volume, long-term supplier

Inmotion's global footprint allows us to offer engineering services, product support and to manufacture components in the regions where you build your vehicles—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Find out more about our global organization here.

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