Construction Equipment

With fuel prices increasing and more stringent emission standards affecting the development of all new off-road equipment, manufacturers of construction equipment are constantly looking for ways to create more efficient vehicles.

An experienced vehicle engineering partner

Tying together a hybrid system for a complex vehicle is no easy task and many vehicle builders will have to explore technologies that are new to them in order to do so.

Regardless of a company’s own capabilities, working with a supplier that aims to be a global engineering partner, who is experienced in the design of hybrid solutions for heavy vehicles, will reduce the development effort and ensure the quality of the system.

At Inmotion we have the products and the engineering capabilities to support any vehicle manufacturer in their development. Our high voltage inverters and motors have been in series production since 2009 and thousands of systems are in daily operation at some of the most demanding fleet operators around the world.

A global high-volume, long-term supplier

Inmotion's global footprint allows us to offer engineering services, product support and to manufacture components in the regions where you build your vehicles—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Find out more about our global organization here.

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High power inverters for traction, hydraulic pump, and generator usage
Efficient synchronous PM motors give highest efficiency and power density
DC/DC converter provides 12/24V power from the high voltage generator/battery
ACS Inverter 24 - 80V
TSW 유도전동기 4 kW - 50 kW
ASM PMAC Motor 600 W-2 kW
GSM motor/generator 14 kW-24 kW with flywheel SAE5 installation
APS3 Steering Controller