Golf/Turf Equipment

A "Growing" Market

Every day, large sums of money are at play on grass covered pitches and courses across the world. The demand for high quality turfs for both leisure and professional use is steadily increasing.

In some cases turf equipment electrification is a must to get rid of all liquids that could be devastating for the grass, other times the end user is merely interested in other benefits like the increased maneuverability you get with an electric vehicle, or the increased productivity you get with a hybrid system.

Better performing, more efficient vehicles

To minimize impact on the delicate surface your vehicles operate on, Inmotion offers you full control over your traction system.

For the design of hybrid systems, Inmotion offers long experience in both low and high voltage designs that are well proven and offer highest possible efficiency and ruggedness.

With a full range of high quality motors, inverters, vehicle control units and displays, Inmotion can supply complete solutions for your system. Working with Inmotion will also give you access to an experienced vehicle engineering partner with a global presence that is willing to put in the extra work needed to make your vehicles the best on the market.

A reliable high-volume, long-term supplier

Inmotion's global footprint allows us to offer engineering services, product support and to manufacture components in the regions where you build your vehicles—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Find out more about our global organization here.

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