Light Vehicles

Experts in AC technology

Inmotion made the decision years ago that AC technology is the only way forward, with high efficiency and reliability that can not be matched by a DC system, it is the best option for any battery operated vehicle.

Our AC motors and inverters offer an exceptionally low life-cycle cost for any vehicle

To maximize vehicle up-time, Inmotion offers system configuration options and diagnostics that we believe are unique on the market.

Inmotion is today a worldwide supplier of inverters and motors to leading brands in personal transport. On the light vehicle side, vehicle types range from golf cars to two wheeled self balancing vehicles.

A global high-volume, long-term supplier

Inmotion's global footprint allows us to offer engineering services, product support and to manufacture components in the regions where you build your vehicles—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Find out more about our global organization here.

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