Rugged Brushless PMAC motor

ASM is a family of motors with power levels from 600 W to 2 kW for system voltages between 12V and 120V. The ASM is designed with fly-by wire steering and accessory applications in mind which makes it an ideal choice for most battery-powered electric vehicles. ASM’s flexible design allows use in a variety of other low-voltage applications.

The ASM is a PMAC motor, providing superior stall torque, higher efficiency and improved low speed performance compared to a BLDC-motor.

  • Best in class quality and reliability, achieved through superior design and world class manufacturing processes
  • Rugged design suitable for the demanding environment of vehicles. Protected against ingress of dust and water
  • Customizable mechanical interface The ASM motors can easily be adapted for different gearboxes, pumps or other mechanical interfaces
  • Sin/Cos position feedback Sin/Cos feedback is included as the standard type of motor position feedback
  • Dual Sin/Cos position feedback For safety critical applications such as fly-by wire steering the ASM motors has a redundant dual Sin/Cos position feedback option
  • High torque density Small dimensions but high performance makes the ASM motors easy to fit also in tight spaces
  • Very high efficiency The PMAC-motor design gives superior efficiency compared to DC, PMDC and induction motors. The ASM motors are specifically designed to give high efficiency over a wide usable speed and torque range, and not only at a single load point
  • Available with gearbox Inmotion can supply the ASM motors complete with a wide variety of gearboxes. Please refer to the ASM Gear Motor datasheet for further information



ASM Model  500 rpm  2 200 rpm  3 000 rpm
Rated torque Rated torque Rated torque Power
(S2 60 min) Nm (S2 60 min) Nm (S2 60 min) Nm (S2 60 min) W
ASM103 2.8 2.3 2.0 630
ASM106 4.8 4.0 3.8 1 200
ASM109 6.8 6.1 4.7 1 475
ASM112 9.2 7.8 5.9 1 850
ASM115 11.0 8.6 6.8 2 150

Peak performance

ASM Model  500 rpm  2 200 rpm  3 000 rpm
Rated torque Rated torque Rated torque
(S2 2 min) Nm (S2 2 min) Nm (S2 2 min) Nm
ASM103 5.5 5.3 5.2
ASM106 10.9 10.6 10.4
ASM109 16.4 15.9 15.7
ASM112 21.8 21.2 20.4
ASM115 27.3 26.4 21.9