Custom motors

Motors to match your demanding application

InMotion's experience in developing custom motor solutions includes a variety of success stories.  Whether you need high speed, high torque, or both, InMotion has the capability to be your go-to partner.  State of the art design capabilities ensures shortest time to market with your custom solution.

InMotion’s mastery of multiple of motor technologies, frame sizes, stack length and winding configurations ensures that speed/torque characteristics are optimized for each application

  • Broad range of torque up to 1 800 Nm 
  • Available high speed characteristics up to 10 000 rpm
  • Continuous power >200 kW
  • Flexible winding and stack length for different Torque, Speed and Power requirement
  • IP6K9K enclosure
  • Class H insulation
  • WEG or oil cooling
  • Built-in thermal sensors for monitoring motor temperature
  • Prepared for HVIL loop
  • Integrated resolver feedback device

Please email us for more information about high power PM motors!