Highly efficient DC/DC converter for electric and hybrid vehicle applications

Inmotion's 2nd generation DC/DC converter features a robust design, a wide range of input voltages and, with an adjustable secondary voltage for 12 and 24 V systems, it is ideal for hybrid/electric vehicle applications. All models are available with CAN bus communication in order to seamlessly integrate into the vehicle control system.

  • Best in class quality and reliability achieved through superior design and manufacturing processes
  • Insulation between primary and secondary voltage
  • Rugged IP6K9K design suitable for the demanding environment of electric vehicles
  • Field proven control SW platform used for both industrial and on-road vehicles
  • High efficiency (up to 95%) using Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology


  • Documentation in accordance with AIAG PPAP standard
  • Extensive and powerful event handling and data logging simplifies troubleshooting and ensures minimized vehicle down time
  • Liquid (WEG) cooling for minimized physical size
  • Adjustable output voltage and current output limitation
  • Possible to parallel multiple units to achieve higher delivered power at secondary voltage


Communication CAN (CANOpen, J1939, UDS)
Control mode Voltage or current
Shock and Vibration ISO16750-3
Electrical safety ISO 6469-3
Logic supply 8-36 V


I/O logic connector MCP connector (21 pins)
Low side connection (power out) Cable lugs (M8 and M10)
High side connection (power in) Amphenol C91-665343-AFS

Mating connector compatibility

Mating connector shape Power in connection Power out connection
Straight  √  √
Angled  √  √

Temperature and cooling

Required WEG coolant temperature/flow 65 °C @ 6-18 l/min
Pressure drop < 20 kPa at 65° C and 6 l/min
Ambient operating temperature -40° C to +85° C
Storage temperature -40° C to + 85° C

Safety and protection

Protection class IP6K9K (increased pressure to 140 bar), IP67 Test ISO20653 (with mating connector installed)
Safety feature Hazardous Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL)

I/O summary

Interface [No.]
HVIL loop 1
Address pins 3 selectable inputs
Logic supply 1
Battery voltage sensor
analog input


Model Nominal input Voltage
Nominal output voltage*
Max output
Output power
Voltage range
DCC35M24 350 14.1 160 1.90 270-450
28.3 135 3.75
DCC65M24 350 14.1 270 3.75 270-750
650 14.1 270 3.75
28.3 7.50 450-750

* Output voltage is adjustable via CAN or parameter. Typical output voltage for 12/24 V battery shown in table
** Continuous rating