Quality, environment and safety policies

Inmotion Technologies AB develops, manufactures, markets, and sells electrical control units for vehicles, industrial machines and other heavy duty applications. Value creation by suppliers is substantial.

Safety comes first. Health and Safety is an integral part of our business and is encouraged in all stages to ensure the wellbeing of people.

We aim to minimize our environmental impact by focusing on material content of our products, reduced CO2 emissions and generally strive to reduce all environmental impact from our activities. This commitment is expressed in our vision of a sustainable future. Read about how we work with sustainability to bring our vision to life here.

We strive for zero defects in all our processes with focus on customers’ perception of our product quality.

We all work with continuous improvements supported by the Inmotion Quality Toolbox (IQT), to reach superior customer satisfaction and to minimize the environmental impact caused by our products and business. Safety, quality and our environmental work are integrated in the daily work of all associates, and are based on our Values and the voice of the customers, all in accordance with laws and regulations. All employees are authorized to stop production to prevent defects escaping to customers.

With Policy Deployment we establish our yearly targets to reach our strategic objectives. We define the most significant key performance indicators across the business that are regularly measured and analyzed.